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CS 110 Guide

This guide contains all of the material we teach in the class. You will find both videos and tutorials, so that you can choose whichever version helps you learn the best.

How to use this guide

This guide matches the units in the class, so that you can go through the material in order. You will find numerous sections that explain a problem and then ask you to work on it with a friend:

work with a friend

That’s because working with a friend is the best way to learn how to program!

Your natural inclination may be that you are only “really” learning the material if you learn it entirely on your own. In reality, you will learn better if you have someone to share ideas with. Sometimes you will explain something you understand to your friend, and sometimes they will explain it to you.

Do whatever you can to find a friend to learn with.

Learning to work with others is a key part of programming. No significant piece of software can be built by just one person. If you are employed to create software in the future, you will be on a team. This means it will be crucial to learn to work with others, especially those who think differently from you. You will need to learn to communicate effectively, in both spoken and written words.

If you can practice programming with a friend now, your education and your career will both be better for it.