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Lab 0 — Getting Started

Welcome to CS 110! This lab will help you get started in the class.

Getting to know each other

10 minutes

The lab should be a place where you make friends and learn to program together. The TA will lead an exercise where we get to know everybody. For example, maybe you will all share your name, where you are from, a favorite food, and a hobby.

This lab is prone to technical difficulties. Please assist the people around you if you are ahead. For this lab, it will be best if you are near people with the same kind of device (Mac or Windows).

1. Setting Permissions (Windows)

5 minutes

Windows requires you to change a setting in order to run programs you write yourself.

Follow the guide entry on Configuring Powershell.

2. Installing Python using Miniconda

5 minutes

Follow the guide entry on Installing Python using Miniconda. There are separate sections for computers with Windows and MacOS.

3. Creating a Conda Environment

5 minutes

Follow the guide entry on Creating a conda environment.

4. Installing PyCharm

5 minutes

Follow the guide entry on Installing PyCharm.

5. Creating a PyCharm Project

5 minutes

Follow the guide entry on Creating a PyCharm project. Your project should be a folder called cs110 that is inside your Documents folder.

If you are new to how files are organized on your computer, review the guide entry on the file system.

Downloading a zip file

5 minutes

For homeworks you will need to download a zip file and put its contents into your CS 110 project. To learn how to do this, follow the guide on Downloading a zip file.

Running a Python program

10 minutes

Follow the guide for running a Python program.


Steps 1-5 are the most important tasks for today, and the TAs should complete them in lab. If you did not finish the other steps in lab, you should complete the steps at home. If you need help setting up your computer, see the TAs during office hours.

To finish this lab and receive a grade, take the canvas quiz.