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Instructors give course lectures, oversee the content of the course, manage TAs, and develop course policies.

Photo of Piper Vasicek
Piper Vasicek

I still remember learning to code as an undergrad at BYU. Back then I never imagined this was where I would end up, especially since my undergraduate degree was in Linguistics. Turns out, anybody can learn to program! And that includes you. I’m excited to help you acquire this new skill!

Photo of Courtni Byun
Courtni Byun

Hello! I’m Courtni Byun. I grew up in Missouri, with five brothers. I deeply love the gospel and I served a mission in CA. Outside academia, I enjoy traveling, hiking, building custom keyboards and spending time with my husband.

Photo of Jocelyn Esquerra
Jocelyn Esquerra

Hello! I’m a Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. I grew up in Glendale, Arizona. When I’m not at school, I enjoy running, biking, swimming, and hiking; basically anything that gets me outside. I can’t wait to meet and help you guys learn to code!

Photo of Preston Raab
Preston Raab

Howdy! I’m a senior in the CS program from Richland, Washington. I believe that computers are becoming more capable so that we can better care for our neighbors around the world. Programming enables me to tackle ever more ambitious personal projects, so I hope you find a way to apply what you are learning too!