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To start this assignment, download this zip file.

The following guide pages cover material needed for this assignment:

Lab 5d — Grouping

Reminder, you should work in teams of 2 or 3 when solving the lab problems. Learning to code together is an important part of this class.


1 minute

Download the zip file for this lab, located above. This zip file has code that you will use for this assignment. Extract the files and put them in your cs110 directory in a folder called lab5d.

Group by first two letters

15 minutes

We have given you code in that is supposed to group words you type in based on their first two letters. This is very similar to the code in the guide on grouping. You need to write the group_by_first_two_letters() function:

def group_by_first_two_letters(words: list[str]) -> dict[tuple[str, str], list[str]]:
    Group a list of words by their first two letters.

    words -> a list of strings

    returns a dictionary that maps a letter to a list of words
    # Write code here

After you write this code and run it, it should see something like this:

Word: horse
Word: cow
Word: hope
Word: cool
Word: weird
['horse', 'cow', 'hope', 'cool', 'weird']
{('h', 'o'): ['horse', 'hope'], ('c', 'o'): ['cow', 'cool'], ('w', 'e'): ['weird']}
  • How did you implement this function? Show a solution and discuss.
  • Is there anything you don’t understand about grouping?
  • Make sure everyone understands every line of code we supplied.

Grouping Pokemon

20 minutes

You may remember that the previous lab had you count Pokemon of the same type (e.g. “fire” and “water”). For this lab, we are going to do a similar thing, but group the Pokemon by their attributes instead of counting them.

We have given you some code in that is supposed to go through a CSV file that contains information about Pokemon and group all the Pokemon using whatever column you want.

To complete this code, you need to write this function:

def group_pokemon(lines: list[str], column: int) -> dict[str, list[str]]:
    lines: a list of lines, each line is a comma-separated list of values
    column: an integer column number

    Find all of the Pokemon who have the same value in the given column.

    Return a dictionary that maps the column value to the list of Pokemon.
    For example, if the column is the number 4, then the dictionary will
    map the Pokemon type (water, fire) to a list of Pokemon of that type.
    # Write code here

Notice that we are giving you a column here. You can’t assume the column is always 4 (the type of Pokemon). It could be any other column.

We have given you a file called Pokemon-small.csv that contains a CSV with a just a few of the Pokemon. The full information it has is:

  • name
  • pokedex id (a unique number)
  • height
  • weight
  • type
  • secondary type
  • HP
  • attack
  • defense
  • special attack
  • special defense
  • speed

After you write the code, run the program with:

python Pokemon-small.csv 4

you should see something like this, which groups Pokemon by their type:

* bulbasaur
* ivysaur
* venusaur
* charmander
* charmeleon
* charizard
* squirtle
* wartortle
* blastoise
* caterpie
* metapod
* butterfree

If you run it with:

python Pokemon-small.csv 6

you should see something like this, which groups Pokemon by their HP:

* bulbasaur
* caterpie
* ivysaur
* butterfree
* venusaur
* charmander
* charmeleon
* charizard
* squirtle
* wartortle
* blastoise
* metapod


  • Since you are reading a CSV file, you need to handle it line by line. As you loop through the lines you want to use strip() to remove any trailing newline characters and then split(',') to split on commas so you can look at each column:
tokens = line.strip().split(',')
  • After you split(), you now have tokens. The column variable tells you which column to use for your key. Then you want to put the name of the Pokemon into a list. The name is in column 0.


To finish this lab and receive a grade, take the canvas quiz.


We are providing a solution so you can check your work. Please look at this after you complete the assignment. 😊