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To start this assignment, download this zip file.

Homework 0 — Getting Started

1. Use the TA Help Queue

To get help from a TA outside of your lab section, you can either go to the CS 110 TA Lab in the Talmage building (room 1119) or meet with a TA virtually (e.g. over Zoom).

In either venue, you will first check in on the TA Help Queue. This ensures that those who have been waiting longer are served first.

CS 110 TA Help Queue

Take a moment, while TAs have office hours, to visit the TA Help Queue and submit a request. Say that you are doing the Homework 0 Help Queue activity. They may open a chat box to demonstrate how that works, but may simply remove you from the queue.

2. Sign on to Discord

We will be using Discord for our class communication. Discord is messaging system that also supports video and audio chatting. You will use Discord to chat with classmates and TAs about assignments and to get help. Instead of sending email, use Discord to message TAs, your lab section leader, or the instructor.

You can find an invitation for our Discord server in Canvas.

Once you have joined, you need a TA to give you access to all the channels on the server. You can find a TA:

  • In your lab section
  • In TMCB 1119
  • Via the TA help queue: CS 110 TA Help Queue
  • In the discord welcome channel:
    • type @ta First Last, Lecture: #, Section # and a TA should be with you shortly

The TA will verify that you are part of the class, set your server nickname to your preferred first and last name, and grant you access to the rest of the server.

After you have access, go to the getting-started-activity channel and post your favorite meme.

3. Run a Python program

  1. Download the zip file listed above

  2. Copy the contents into your cs110 project so your files look like this:

finder organziation for homework 0

  1. Run the program called that is in the game folder. Play it with a friend a few times.

Remember, to run the program, you want to click the green triangle to the left of the main block:

running the game in PyCharm

Review these links from the guide if you do not remember how to do these tasks:


To finish Homework 0, take the Canvas quiz.